Nikita immigrated to Israel at the age of six years old and grew up in a rough neighborhood in the south. From an early age, he was exposed to economic difficulties his parents experienced and violence and crime in which his friends were involved. Nikita lived with his father until the father has left and at the age of 17 Nikita was incarcerated. Nikita has been exempted from military service but struggled to be drafted and completed basic training in Havat Hashomer, received the rank of sergeant in Givati and volunteered to fight in "Protective Edge" operation". After the operation Nikita was released from the army. His apartment lease expired; he was unemployed and he was classified as an ex criminal (no matter what did the army). Nikita enrolled in the "Amit Laderech" program during which he found an apartment, broke off contacts with problematic parties, completed his matriculation, deleted the criminal record and is currently a law student at the College of Management. He serves as a volunteer in a program that helps young people who have completed military service to delete their criminal record.