Amit Marom founded Marom Group in 2009, a leading international social investments house designed for international organizations and social investors seeking to optimize their performance in the field of social – financial investments.

In 2011, Amit founded the Marom Foundation, in order to support young social entrepreneurs around the world. As part of his philanthropic activities, he is a board member for a variety of social organizations.

After serving for 14 years (1993 – 2007) in a variety of commanding positions in the Israeli paratroopers’ brigade and as the assistant to the Defense Attaché at the Israeli Embassy in Washington DC, Amit switched to the growing social – financial arena and joined “Elem”, a leading Israeli NGO providing services to youth at risk.

Holding the position of International Development Director for two years, Amit became involved with many Israeli and international social organizations, and was constantly looking for ways to optimize social return and figure out better ways to create beneficial social models while utilizing effective business models.