Natalie Horowitz, 27, founder and CEO of "Amit Laderech", an association that works for integration and empowerment of veteran soldiers (formerly Raful's Boys), as well as a counselor and mentor in PresenTense , a public benefit company, which promotes social entrepreneurship from within and for the community. In the past she specialized in the civil department of the communications division of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, within the Maoz program.

Natalie holds a BA in political science from Tel Aviv University. She graduated from the Center for Public Diplomacy International Communication at Bar-Ilan University, the public diplomacy program Stand-With-Us and TAUMUN Model UN program of Tel Aviv University and alumni of the Israeli social leadership preparatory school "Ein Prat".

During the past decade, Natalie worked in social entrepreneurship with the belief that the name change will lead to ripples of change in other spaces. "Our parents' generation worked on the basics, the establishment of the state, we have to produce a good life... today is pioneering swamps of ignorance, divisions and ills of our society."